Friday, July 22, 2011


I mentioned this in my Florida recap, but one of the best things I got to do while I was in town was sift through many albums worth of old pictures, and grab a bunch for my own collection. I really appreciate that my parents were so diligent about saving those pictures, and neatly putting them away in albums so that they're so accessible to us now. We had some pretty great laughs while going through everything, and we still only made it to about half of all she has! Here are some of my favorites:

My big brother Jake as an infant. Hysterical faces haha

Me with mom and dad, coming home from the hospital.

Jake was so confused. 

Forget me crying... can we talk about Jake's sweater?

Happy little family.

Jake + a saw + me running = danger. 

Aunt Kathleen and that hair!

Me and dad.

Look at my beautiful mother :)


Jake was always messin with stuff... usually at my expense. 

My favorite Garfield blanket when it was back in it's prime. 

Forever a fashionista haha. 

The outfits are just too much for me haha

Jake in his acid washed jeans. Too cool.

Self timer family photos
I love these people with all my heart. Now we just need to raid some photos of Keith's past :)


  1. oh em geeee... that blonde hair! why did we not get to keep that?

  2. These pictures are SOOO fun! I love looking back at childhood photos. So many awesome things to remember.


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