Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Teacher Happenings

Since my time as an "art teacher" is winding down, I figured that I would share some photos from the last few projects that I did with the kids. 

A couple weeks ago I taught them about pointillism (a la Seurat) and we used basic household items to achieve some fun colorful paintings. Instead of paintbrushes I gave the students q-tips to avoid the temptation to stray from their dotted technique and instead of full size paper I gave them index cards so that they could manageably fill the page and have the opportunity to make more than one. Here are some of the results:

Last week we talked about perspective, horizon lines and vanishing points and the students did some one-point perspective drawings. Here are my favorites:

Last Thursday afternoon I figured it was about time that I talked to these kids about the color wheel and how to mix paint. I was surprised by how difficult a task this turned out to be, and that most of them didn't know how to make secondary colors (orange, green and purple). We made it through and then I let the kids have free time to paint whatever they wanted.

Most of their palates just ended up looking like this haha
I really miss my job at the Norton these days. 

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