Thursday, July 21, 2011


Technology is a pretty amazing thing. I love how my iPhone has allowed me to stay connected with far-away friends and family in so many more ways than just chatting. instagram is my new favorite, and most used app on my phone these days. Not only can I take quick, cute photos... but all my followers can keep track of where I am in my world and we can have some funny banter about it without having to drop everything for a heart-to-heart phone call. The fun thing that I'm learning as I use it more is that SO much of the internet has embraced this app, that they are developing great ways to turn your photos into lasting memories beyond the digital world. Here are some of the cooler things I've discovered across the web this week:

First there is StickyGram which allows you to make your instagram photos into magnets. I could definitely get into this because it seems really affordable and I'm always looking for creative ways to keep photos in our house.

Next thing I found was this advertisement for blurb to turn your instagram photo roll into a book. After getting a book like this printed for our wedding, I am IN LOVE! I am really leaning towards these as opposed to ordering prints and putting them in an old fashioned album. They look GREAT and are a definite coffee table hit. Look how pretty these are!

This last link is for another iPhone app that boasts a simple way to print photos from your phone called PostalPix. Recently I've been SO bad at keeping hardcopies of the photos I take so this seems pretty ideal now that 100% of my photos are taken on my phone. I plan on testing this one out asap. 

I promise that I wasn't paid to advertise these... I just know that lots of you are using instagram/other cell phone photography apps and wanted to share these little goodies with you. I'm just excited that camera phone technology has been upgraded to the point that it's an option to get photos printed (my grainy little razr photos would not have been worth the effort haha). 

I recently added this to our about me page, but if we aren't friends on instagram... my username is drich


  1. ooh I want to try the sticky gram one! it's so cute! I do appreciate old fashioned albums, though. For instance giant blue leatherbound ones. ahem. ;)

  2. that Stickygram is an excellent idea. so much easier than having to find the perfect frame to hang on a wall!


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