Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family "Vacation"

I feel like it's taken me forever to write this post! This week at work has really worn me out and I don't feel like I really ever got back into the swing of things after the long weekend (and I can safely say that my students didn't either... or their parents gave them caffeine pills before they sent them over). Thankfully, I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me, and a bottle of wine by my side tonight. Are you ready for a little recap of our visit with my family? I hope you said yes, because I have SOOO many photos to blast you with right now.

Last Wednesday my 2 aunts, and 3 cousins made their way to Nashville via car and plane and we spent the next 5 days having such a blast. While Keith and I were at work Thursday and Friday the boys played tons of basketball at the local YMCA and we spent our evenings relaxing in the yard, catching up on life, and eating lots of food.

Saturday we made the short trip down to Lynchburg Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery, which provided a very interesting tour, but we did have to wait until we got home to partake in whisky tasting. Who puts a distillery in a dry county? Tennessee is weird.
Jack was a shorty

Our Jack and Kathleen enjoying lemonade. 

Renee and Kathleen at the cave spring where they get the water for the whisky

cute :)

Family! Sorry I look like such a giant

David and Jack D

As I posted last weekend.. we played LOTS of kan jam and also quite a bit of skip-bo. My family loves games.

Sunday morning we packed into two cars and started our drive up to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. My aunt Renee's brother and his family met us there and we spent the night and the next day hanging out, exploring caves, and playing more games.

Cave people

Ascending from the dark

Kan jam!

David got the frisbee in the can on his own... this was his victory dance

Skip-bo in our "rustic" cabin

Checkers at cracker barrel

Getting ready for more caves

Creepy cave man!

Favorite aunt <3

Keith wanting to climb the cave walls

Renee and brother Steve

Cave model

Me+13 year olds

Off centered group shot

Cave life

I don't know why, but I think this is a super cute photo of Keith :)
After our second day of cave adventures (July 4th) we hit the road back south to Nashville and had dinner with Kathleen before she had to catch her flight back to Florida. The boys and I then headed over to the Nashville Sounds minor league baseball game because Keith had won tickets from the radio and we knew we could see some fireworks there. The only catch was... someone from our group had to do the chicken dance on top of the teams dugout to try and win free Hardees for our section. Naturally Keith and I sent the 3 boys, and laughed our heads off at the result. If you're interested in a laugh as well, you can view it here. As Felicia pointed out, Keith totally turned into a stage mom and coached them through the whole thing haha.

Sitting scarily close waiting for their turn to dance

Keith being stoked on baseball

Awkward closeup

Fog from the city's fireworks

Grand finale
It was SO great to have Kathleen, Renee and the boys in town. Even though it wasn't really our "vacation", it definitely felt like one because we got to see so many new things that we hadn't explored yet since our move. I feel like there was a really great balance between going out and doing fun stuff and getting to relax and really spend time together. Keith and I love them all so much and can't wait to see everyone again when we visit Florida in a week!


  1. awesome caveeeee dudeeeee. love it. see you soon!

  2. Those pictures are so fun. Man. I wanna go in a cave! It looks like a blast.


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