Thursday, July 28, 2011


For our date night last weekend Keith and I went to see the movie Midnight in Paris. I had seen the trailer, and heard some people tell me how much they enjoyed it but was still unsure about the story line and what to expect. We DEFINITELY enjoyed it though, and left the theater wanting to talk about what we saw and how that applied to our own lives. It was really interesting and not what I expected at all. I don't want to give anything away for those of you who still may go out to the theater to watch it, but it follows a man (Owen Wilson) who is visiting Paris with his fiance (Rachel McAdams) and her parents and he finds himself unhappy with his present life and wishing he lived in Paris during the 1920's. I got super nerdy towards the end picking out all the different artists that he encountered along the way. It's not the kind of action packed movie that leaves you at the edge of your seat, or comedy that has you laughing so hard you're about to pee yourself... but it really made you think and completely held our attention. Keith wasn't sure it was going to be his type of movie when we sat down and were clearly the youngest people in the crowd, but he was the first to say that he really enjoyed it. I would give it a thumbs up!


  1. Oh I've heard about this one!! I'm glad you give it such good reviews, now I really want to see it!

  2. I loved this movie. Especially the surrealists.


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