Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Florida Love

Without getting too emotional, I'll just say it. I LOVE FLORIDA. I know not all of my friends agree, and neither does my husband on most days... but this past weekend was such a combination of everything that I love that I wanted to kick and scream in protest all the way to the airport last night. Pout pout pout :(

Here's the quick recap:
Thursday- I had a ridiculous day at work which was followed up by a weird and uncomfortable flight BUT my plane landed and the party began. My brother and friends Peter and Nathan also flew in that night and we piled into the car and headed towards Boca. We quickly figured out rides and coordinated times, dropped our stuff off and made our way to greet the mass of friends who were in town. The night then ended with hours worth of dancing at Flaunt (which I hadn't done since my bachelorette party) with $2 tall boys and an unfortunate late night stop at Sonic.

Friday- Jake, Peter and I crawled out of bed with one mission in mind: BEACH! (well maybe food, then beach? you get the idea...) We spent a little too much time coordinating the who what where aspect but in the end we got to spend the afternoon with my cousins, go to one of my all time favorite beaches and we ate the always delicious 620-subs. We stayed just long enough for me to get an awkward-in-pictures sunburn and then the young boys and I left to quickly rinse off and prepare for Harry Potter with Kate Smith!!!!!!! I'll save that for another day though... after the movie we went to Uncle Julios to have the infamous swirl with my mom, Kathleen, Renee, Tara and her family. It was delicious. The party never stopped! We then grabbed my amazing, and missed husband from the airport and went straight to Propaganda to see my brother, Paul, Nate and Mitch play a fun little reunion show as Goolsby, their now NYC based band. It was a bit out of control, or maybe a lot? Regardless it was another 4am bed time.

Brother bear.

Bathing beauties enjoying their lunch.

Cousins skim boarding


Frozen margarita + frozen sangria = swirl.

Kate Smith

Renee and Maddie dancing after dinner.


Saturday- Wedding day for our great friends Erick and Catie! aka the reason for our trip. I had a mild to moderate hangover in the am, but I rallied and enjoyed watching some kanjam in the back yard before showering and getting fancy for the wedding. We met up with everyone worth knowing at the ceremony, smiled SO big as we watched our beautiful friends make an amazing commitment and then had our own little celebration at Chilis haha. After more than enough 2-4-1's it was on to the reception where the shenanigans never stopped. We danced, we laughed, we ate, we drank, and shared in the general excitement of the occasion. We left there and had a hysterical ride in Katelyn's convertible which later led to the after party. As with most after wedding parties, there was some craziness involved: four loko? fake wrestling? trips to the lobby? dirty dancing? loud music? junk food? and even a few unexpected porch heart-to-hearts. It wouldn't be a night with Peter and Jake without a dip in the pool, and some law breaking... I'll take that no further.


Prom shot: Peter, Jake, Keith, Me, Kate.

Always attractive :)

Bests: Jake, Peter, Cheryl, Andrew, Eve, Sara, Kate.

SUCH a beautiful bride. 

Ben with ridiculous facial hair haha

She was seriously glowing.

Chilis for happy hour.


Out of control on the dance floor.

Matt as the late night bartender.

Car hair.

But really... convertible's are not for long haired people haha

After party dancing.

Lovin the tunes (and snacks?)

Sunday- We were a little ready for a break at this point! Thankfully everyone was interested in coming to the house for yard games, food and watching the USA women's soccer final. I spent the entire day in the backyard catching up with family and seeing the best of friends one more time... it was perfect after being in constant motion the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately after the sad ending of the game everyone had to start packing up to leave. It began with having to take Keith to the airport so he could be at work Monday morning (BOO!) then Jake, Peter and Nathan headed out. I got a chance to spend some time with Kathleen and Renee (and meet their new puppy!) then got to sit down with my parents and go through albums worth of old pictures to scan for my personal collection. It got a little emotional, but there were definitely lots of laughs as well :) can't wait to share some of the gems that are now in my possession haha. I spent the rest of the evening on the couch at Kate's house talking about everything and anything... it was SO good and I miss her dearly.
Backyard family.

Kan jammin over the pool.

Soccer watchers.

Jackie and daddio.

Our feast!

Monday- I woke up nice and late, thought about work and smiled because I wasn't there :) I scanned all those great photos and then was happily reunited with Felicia. We joined my mother for lunch with my dad at City Oyster and then back at the house we went through even more silly old pictures. Felicia had to head out to work, and then I had to start packing and building a cake bomb. I had no interest in leaving besides being back with Keith... regardless I went to the airport and had a short and sweet flight back home to Nashville.

Life has very quickly found it's routine again, and here I am counting down the days until camp is finished (done THIS WEEK!) I miss you already Sunshine State.


  1. y'all look like such a fun group!! Glad you had a great time in Florida! :D


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