Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well read...

... is not a title I deserve, but I do pick up a book from time to time. I usually prefer those that are just a slight step up from romance novels, or that were intended for the teen crowd (aka Harry Potter and Twilight, I know I know) but I'm having a "can't put it down" moment over here.

I was drawn to the movie because of the beautiful cast, but never ended up seeing it because movies are way too expensive. Most people that I talked to about it said the usually frustrating and elitist, "well the book was WAY better". I kept this little nugget of information in my brain and when I was flying to Florida for my cousins graduation and grabbed it at the airport. I couldn't get into it right off the bat, but on my most recent Florida trip I had to forgo sleep on the plane because of how enthralled I was. It is such an interesting and unique story... something that I know nothing about, and I can't wait to see how the story continuously unfolds. I love a book that gives me the delight that this does but I must admit I've been a tiny bit more tired this week due to the late night readings. Now I'm excited to finish it so that I can rent the movie and put faces to the names. I DEFINITELY recommend the book if you're looking for something light that will suck you in. I haven't finished it yet though... so don't ruin the ending :) 

Next on my list of books made into movies: The Help. Any other book suggestions?

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  1. i loved the movie. it was amazing, plus i have a thing for rpatz so i had to detox from him for a few days after it. also...that book was probably more money than a movie ticket.


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