Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Days of Camp

Did I mention that summer camp is over? Well... SUMMER CAMP IS OVER!!!!! Excuse my excitement :) When I started my job here in Nashville it was NOT well noted that during the summer I would transition from a teacher/tutor/mentor into a summer camp counselor. Ugh. Spending 8 hour days during the summer with my students when they know none of the academic work I'm making them do is graded, is NOT on my list of things to ever do again. It has been a very trying and physically challenging 6 weeks and I'm excited for a little break. When I say break: I don't mean that I'm off of work, I just mean that for the next 3 weeks we will be preparing and planning for the school year and the kids will NOT be allowed in the building. Happy day for all the adults! I'm thankful for this time, but I must admit that I was a little bored without all the craziness that my students bring to the day haha.

Here are some photos from our last week of camp:

We took the kids downtown and then while we waited for the bus we took a terribly hot stroll over the pedestrian bridge. This was our view of the city.

Despite being miserably hot my group can never pass up a chance to throw up gang signs.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a little "showcase" of the things the kids had made throughout the summer so that their parents could come and look. This is a poster I made of photos of the students making art. 

I had a very dangerous time trying to hang all these things haha

Last day of camp we had a BBQ at Percy Priest Lake and the kids got a chance to swim ALL day.

Sarah and I

Sara S. who has moved away from Nashville now that her term is over... I miss her already :(

I feel like I learned a lot this summer about being selfless, and definitely tested the limits of my patience. I  think I'm better for it as a teacher and have a little bit of a tougher skin going into this next school year.... that being said, I am VERY happy to go back to my normal 10 to 7 schedule of only being in direct contact with my students in the evenings.

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