Friday, July 29, 2011


With our anniversary coming up in just a couple weeks I've been reminiscing a lot about this time last year and all the things I really loved about it. As stressful as wedding planning was, it was so great to see all of our friends and family in one place. As great as it was to see all those people... going away for a week on our honeymoon? was EVEN BETTER! Chelsey and I bring up from time to time that we each wish with all our heart that we could afford to forget everything and go on another honeymoon. Oh my goodness that would be so nice. The closest that Keith and I will get to that this year is taking a 5 day weekend and driving to meet my parents at Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina for some rest and relaxation.  Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely counting down the minutes until we head east to the beach... but there is something about getting to call a trip a "honeymoon" and not just a vacation that I'm missing.

Here are some shots from our awesome cruise to the Caribbean last summer:

For more pictures and stories, check out my full recap from last year here.

In other news! We FINALLY ordered thank you cards for our wedding! It's only taken us the entire year, but better late than never right? If you came to our wedding or sent a gift you can expect that coming soon... hopefully before the 14th haha.

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  1. what a hottie! haha, and good for you for still sending them out! at that point, I probably would have given up :)


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