Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cake, bombs, etc.

On this edition of:
Things You Never Knew You Could Take On An Airplane 
I bring you... the story of the year old wedding cake.

As it is well known, almost a year ago we got married in South Florida. In the crazed confusion that happened the day we returned from our honeymoon and then needed to catch a plane back to Philadelphia I never even considered what had happened to the rest of our wedding cake that is traditionally eaten on your first anniversary. I later confirmed with my mother that she had saved us some sizable pieces in her freezer and knew there would come a day that we would have to figure out a strange exchange of old frozen cake. Well... yesterday was that day. This was the last time we would be in town before our anniversary and Keith made it known that it would mean a lot to him to have that cake to share on good ole August 14th. And thus begins the creation of "the bomb". Mom had wrapped the cake in all kinds of tin foil prior to freezing, then we surrounded it with multiple ice packs and bubble wrap. Things looked good at this point, up until we wrapped it completely with duct tape. This was obviously the point where things got funny haha

Before we had even started wrapping the cake we questioned whether it would be carry-on acceptable (do ice packs count as "liquid"??) but once it was completed and in my purse we just had a good laugh at the sight of it. I figured it was worth a chance though because she still had another piece safely in the freezer and the least they could do would be to unwrap it, discover it's delicious contents and make me throw it away (I had tears prepared). Hysterically enough... despite having to rerun my bad through the scanner, no one even opened my purse or asked any questions. Win win win! Here's hoping that it still tastes good in 3 weeks haha

Other things that made it to Nashville with me this trip:

- My wedding dress!!!!! I can't wait to shamelessly try it on after a year of only seeing it in pictures.
- My tap shoes. Weird I know, but I saw them and thought it would be something interesting to pull out of the closet some day haha

Now stay tuned for our Florida vacation recap...

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  1. Wow that totally looks like a bomb! Hilarious!!! I'm so glad you made it through. I would've been so nervous, I would've just blurted out what I had in my bag. lol!


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