Friday, July 29, 2011


Here  is the mash up of things that are going on in my brain today:

Started the day thinking it would be pretty stressful based on the extremely strange week that I had. I needed to go get a nail removed from our tire and have it patched because I got rear ended on my way home from work on Wednesday and ran over a nail while trying to pull off the side of the road. Fun times. Keith made an appointment at the Honda dealership. When I got there they said I had no appointment. I left. Called Keith. He said to go back. I went back. They "fit me in" after he called and made a stink. Waited for an hour. Got back our car with no holes in the tires and a freshly washed exterior. Went to Kroger and got a Clif Bar and some coconut water.... this is when things started looking up. I went to work to help Sarah with making some phone calls. She offered to let me help her at a camp next week that our kids are going to. This is GREAT because I've been bored to death this past week at work without anything to do. We had to get some permission slips signed so we walked the neighborhood making home visits and getting some exercise. A dog peed on us. Got back to the building and find out that I have an interview next week for a tutoring job. Success! Maybe I won't be unemployed in October after all! Also, I found an amazing childrens book about one of my favorite artists, Paul Klee. Then I finished my application to become a substitute teacher and registered for an online class on classroom discipline so I can get extra hours at my current job. Double success! Now I'm back home, eating lunch, packing and preparing our family for a trip to Georgia this weekend which includes: seeing family, going to 6 Flags and going to a Braves game. Hooray!

Why was this past week so strange? Well, there are no kids up at the center so all the adults are just trying to "get everything ready" for their return, which means lots of "cleaning" and sitting around socializing. I spent everyday this week cleaning out some sort of forgotten closet full of binders, books, random crap, etc, dating back to the 90's that no one ever cared to organize. Ugh. Our nights were all busy this week with trips to the gym, errands, dinners or cleaning. AND someone decided they wanted to bump our little car when I was coming home Wednesday. No real damage, just a couple bumper scrapes.... enough to be a pain in the butt to have fixed though.

All of that put together, I thought it would be a lot harder to get out of town today with a smile on my face, but something in that coconut water must have REALLY cheered me up! I'm in an awesome mood, loving how much I accomplished this afternoon, and now I can't wait for ROLLERCOASTERS tomorrow!

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