Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This weekend was a fairly lazy one, and we got a chance to do some catching up around the house which was MUCH needed after our Florida trip. Friday I had an Americorps get together at work to say farewell to some of my coworkers who have ended their term and are moving on to bigger and better things. After, I got a chance to stop and say hey to Chelsey and baby Elliot, then Keith and I drove down to Franklin to have dinner with friends Carolyn, Issac and their daughter Sage. She is growing up so fast! After dinner and dessert with the Ezell's I dropped Keith at home and went to Sara's REAL going away party which meant I needed to drink a 5hour energy (grossest thing ever!) and rally to the occasion. She and I didn't get to work together much during the school year, but she was my only ally this summer and I'm going to miss her witty banter and sarcastic attitude so much haha

Saturday we slept in, which was quite an amazing feeling. Keith was a trooper and did a couple hours worth of yard work in the sweltering heat, while I staying cool inside working on a project I will be chatting about in my next post... We ran a couple errands in the afternoon and then went on an amazing, and CHEAP date, thanks to groupon. If you're not using this site, or living social you are seriously missing out. This is truly the only way that we can stay on budget with dates for the month haha. We had a $30 hibachi dinner for $5, and got two movie tickets for $9. A $14 date for two was such a steal that Keith even spoiled me with a piece of delicious cheesecake for dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. Mmmm.
Hibachi man put his hand in the flame?
Sunday we worked at church in the morning which meant a nice long afternoon nap in our cool air conditioned room afterwards. We were both in such a deep sleep that it was nearly impossible to wake ourselves up; somehow we managed and even worked up the motivation to CLEAN. Keith had our friend Tytus over to watch baseball so I went on a dinner date with Chelsey and Elliot since her husband Ryan is out of town. Our dinner at Las Palmas really hit the spot, and then watched Paris, Je T'Aime when we got back to her house. I'm always thankful to get to spend time chatting with Chelsey and to hold her precious little boy; he gets cuter and cuter everyday, I swear! When I got home after the movie Tytus' wife Jamie had made her way to our house and we spent the rest of the night catching up on each others lives and laughing at how weird our husbands are.
Laziest cat on the block. 

Even though I've been nostalgic for Philly these days, and our trip to Florida made me wonder why I ever moved away.... it is weekends like this that remind me we are in the perfect place for us. Nashville is home right now, and we couldn't be happier.

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  1. Busy weekends with friends are the best! :) And so are cheap dates! lol

    I just want to squeeze Theo! Cats are the sweetest when they're sleeping ;)


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