Thursday, July 21, 2011


I didn't take many decent photographs from Erick and Catie's wedding, but our good friend Noah really did. I swiped these from his facebook, and hope that he doesn't mind sharing :) Here are my favorites that he took:

Always photobombin'.


Jake Beal looking dapper.

Bachelors fighting for the garter.

PLEASE check out his photography at He's got some pretty darn impressive stuff on there and I'm extremely proud to call such a talented person a good friend of mine. Can't wait to see all that he took of the bride and groom!


  1. it's like i wasn't even at the wedding. depressing. i don't think there's one actual photo of me anywhere. :(

    but yeah... good photos...

  2. Ever since getting engaged I have to look at every wedding photo and photographer I come across; it's getting weird haha. These are great - what a fun wedding!

    your cake bomb story was hilarious! I'm glad it made it through. I'm excited to hear the story of eating it!


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