Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Collection

5 Things That Made My Night:

 Warm and yummy banana bread. I was cleaning out the refrigerator at work and found some bananas that were just a little TOO ripe. We were supposed to throw them away, but I snagged a bundle to make some bread. Keith usually eats all our bananas before they get ripe enough for baking, so I seized the opportunity. How perfect! Keith is currently warming up a couple slices in a frying pan mmmmm

 Student art :) my heart melted a little when my favorite student presented me with this adorable coloring page. It is currently on our fridge. Just look at those colors!

 Pajamas! I put these on the minute I walked in the door tonight and it felt SO GREAT.

 A well deserved glass of wine. Keith made a delicious dinner that included wine which was the perfect excuse to have a glass or two. Happy Tuesday!

Our new shower curtain. It took us forever to make a decision on a shower curtain last night at Target, but I'm really satisfied with our final choice! The pattern makes me smile. 

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. I adore banana bread, especially with a few walnuts tossed in! And who can beat a glass of wine and comfy pyjamas?!


  2. I've totally been meaning to add nuts to our banana bread! Thank you so much for the reminder! My mom never added nuts when we were kids because my brother always had a complaint about it, but I think it would add a much needed crunch/flavor.


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