Saturday, March 5, 2011


This morning Keith and I hosted a community breakfast at our house, and it was a pretty great time. We invited everyone that we knew in Nashville to come by as they pleased and enjoy a home cooked breakfast on us. We love having a community of friends here, and wanted a way to open up our home to them but also to introduce people who may not know each other and just to spark great conversations. I don't think that either Keith of I knew what would come of it, but we're definitely hoping to do it more regularly. We had about 10 people come through our door, but regardless of the amount we both love cooking/baking for others and feeling like we could bring some joy to their day.

Keith was a champion and stood in front of our griddle all morning long cooking up all kinds of breakfast meats, but thankfully my contribution was a little less strenuous. I made a loaf of banana bread and mixed up the batter for blueberry and raspberry pancakes (sooooo good!!!) and also made a fabulous crumb cake.

This is something that made a pretty regular appearance in my house growing up. Not necessarily the homemade kind, but the ever amazing Entenmann's Crumb Coffee Cake. This brings up so many taste memories for me, because this used to be one of my favorite things to grab for breakfast, and it was something that my Grandmother usually had ready and waiting when we arrived at her house to visit in New York. The last time that we were up north, I asked my aunt if she had my grandmothers recipe, but forgot to write it down while we were there. Out of the blue last week she sent it to me in the mail, so I took that as a sign that this cake needed to be present at our breakfast this morning. Now that I know what all goes into making that delicious crummy top, I'm a little less inclined to eat it for breakfast regularly haha but at least I know why it tastes so good? Keith just called out to me, "who decided this was supposed to be eaten at breakfast? It's just cake!". This is true. It is just cake. I guess you're supposed to eat it while drinking your coffee? My favorite part about it is that it's impossible to eat without getting powdered sugar all over your shirt/lap. 

There was definitely an advantage to pre-making all my breakfast contributions because then I got more of an opportunity to chat with everyone who came over and to eat some breakfast myself. After community breakfast we took a nice long nap (probably from our carb overload haha) and have been lounging around the house since. I briefly considered going out tonight to the Art Crawl but the cold, misty rain was more than enough to keep me inside. Hope that you are all having a great weekend as well! 

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