Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update 3/27

This weekend was really awesome, and I'm pretty sad to see it go so soon. How is it already past 7 on Sunday? Does anyone else agree that weekends fly by too fast?

Here is a recap from our weekend:

Friday nights at work are usually torture, but this week seemed to flow very well and was actually manageable. I set up to do an art project with any interested kids, and I wasn't surprised when the only student to sit down with me was my little favorite, Mohamed. We made "stained glass windows" with construction/tracing paper. He made a volcano with some giant pterodactyl/bird things (note the person riding the bird haha). It was A LOT of fun, and made for an enjoyable evening.

His / Mine

After work, Keith picked me up and we had a super relaxing night over beers and burritos at our favorite local spot, Baja Burrito.

Saturday we managed to fit in some brunch eating, picture hanging, tv watching, and nap taking all before heading over to Trent's new place to spend the night with some of our best friends. I love living in Nashville simply to be able to hang out with these people on a regular basis, and I think we've done a great job of getting together often, despite everyones busy schedules. One of the best parts of the night? Issac and Carolyn brought baby Sage along with them! I know this sounds crazy but I had a little fear that once they had Sage they wouldn't be hanging out with the group as often, but we are super thankful that they love sharing their little girl with all of us :)

The beautiful new mommy, Carolyn

Mom-to-be Chelsey with Sage and Jordy

Soon to be parents meeting newborn Sage :)

Keith and Sage coordinated their outfits haha

Jennifer and Ives!
We did dinner potluck style and Trent and Jordy really blew us out of the water with their meal. Jordy made an amazing foccaccia bread that I could NOT stop eating and homemade meatballs and marinara sauce. I was crazy impressed and so was my tummy :)

After completely stuffing ourselves, we came home to OUR little baby... Theo. He may not be a human baby, but he certainly does cuddle and cry like one haha Though it seems like we've been sucked into the baby craze, Theo is more than enough for us right now!

I've been lazier than ever today, mostly due to this terrible gray weather which made it perfect for pajamas, an SVU marathon and a piping hot bowl of chili. Hope everyone else has had a great weekend! I'm going to go convince Keith to take me to Sonic for some milkshakes....

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