Sunday, October 10, 2010


After a little afternoon nap I feel ready to recap our 24 hour New York adventure haha. Keith and I think this might be the last of our quick one night road trips for a little bit because they have left us a little wiped out (AND we're trying eagerly to encourage our friends who we visit a lot to come to US ::hint hint::) We had a blast while we were out of town, like always, and took lots and lots of pictures.

Our main reason for the trip was to welcome our friend Robert James to his new apartment in Brooklyn. He recently made the trek from Florida to New York which definitely is an occasion that deserves a party. We left Philly around 4pm on Friday and obviously sat in a little traffic, but we still made it to Robert and Nathan's place by 7. We immediately set out on the subway in search of food and found ourselves at a little place called the Chip Shop which I had heard many many things about. It's essentially a British Pub, which is know for its amazing fried food, and especially their deep fried desserts. I've been told by many people (including the Food Network) that you can bring anything in with you and they'll gladly batter it up an fry it haha but I really didn't see the need, their regular menu was tasty enough. The boys all had fish and chips, and I had just regular ole chicken fingers and we all left with smiles on our faces and bellies that were stuffed!

And this my friends dun dun dunnnn... is a deep fried snickers bar (which Keith thought looked like poo) that definitely tasted like heaven. I could only manage two bites, but they were truly fabulous haha

The boys hit party mode pretty quickly and as soon as we returned to the apartment, Jake, Amanda and Mitch arrived and the fun was underway.

Robert and Nathan have a sort of "porch" area out the window of their apartment, which is really kind of an alley, but they can easily put chairs out there if they wanted and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and danced out there for most of the night.

We all stayed up WAYY too late, and Keith and I had some trouble getting everyone out of bed in the morning including ourselves but one of the other reasons we had ventured to New York was so that I could check out the new Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Amanda and I eventually made our way over to the museum while the boys had dude time. We met up after wards for an incredible lunch at the Shake Shack. Serious yum.

After consuming one of the greatest burgers we walked over to Strawberry Fields in Central Park, since it would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday.

There were SOO many people there, it was pretty overwhelming actually. We didn't get to see very much of the memorial, or the band that was playing but it was just incredible to see the amount of people who still care about John Lennon and his music after all these years. Everyone in the crowd was singing along to songs being played and through all the crowding, I'm glad we went. 

This is just Jake with an eagle.

After we left the park we made the trip back to Robert's place where our car was. He watched the rest of a football game and then we hit the road around 7pm. Thankfully there was no traffic and we made it home in great time. In case you thought we were bad parents and left town on our little boys first birthday though... that was definitely not the case! We picked him up a little treat at the bodega by Robert's which he throughly enjoyed when we got home and I even filled up his favorite cat nip toy for him to play with. Our little boy is so easy to please :) Happy first birthday to Theo Richards.... here's to many more!

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