Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calm Afternoon

Things that I'm in love with today:

- The trail by the river, and the blissful 2 hour walk through the trees I took this morning
- Warm veggie paninis and soup
- Extremely bad chick flicks, and my very unpretentious taste in movies
- New opportunities and exciting new adventures with my family
- Surprises!
- My fluffy bed, where Theo and I are cuddled because our heat isn't working
- Death Cab's album Transatlanticism and the nostalgic memories of a seemingly former life
- This recipe which will be made this weekend (mmm)
- Postcards from my awesome friend Felicia, whose blog I've been reading since livejournal was cool

I've been severely missing my family these days, and all my Florida friends who are scattered around the globe at the moment.

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  1. You are the only person I sent a LACMA postcard to <3


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