Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Now that Keith and I are married I get to share in the benefits of the amazing heath insurance he has. For both of us it's been years since we've been to a doctor and we're doing our best to take advantage of these things we're paying lots of money for now. Last week we finally just went ahead and made the appointment and got ourselves to the eye doctor together and last night we got to go and pick up our new glasses!! We were both in need of new prescriptions, and got contacts squared away but we couldn't have been more excited to get new glasses as well. Keith lost his glasses about a year ago, and I only wear my when I'm getting into bed because I don't like the style, and they're very loose on my face. I've been a glasses wearer since the 5th grade and I'm pretty excited to forgo contacts for a little while :)

Excuse the computer glare on our spectacles haha

As Keith wrote last night... we took a little detour after getting our nerd glasses and ate an amazing southern feast at Cracker Barrel. I pretty much love eating anywhere that I can get breakfast all day. Mmmm french toast.

Keith unfortunately did not get that "these colors don't run" t-shirt, despite my best persuasion. This dinner + country music in the car on the way home definitely made us both miss the south a whole lot :)

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  1. Man I could go for Cracker Barrel now...actually any day of the week! Mmmmmmmmm


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