Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy As Pie

So tonight at the grocery store I decided to take a leap and make Keith one of his favorite things in the whole world: pumpkin pie.

Mind you... I've never attempted to bake a pie from scratch before. I've watched my mother and grandmother for years, but this was my first time riding solo. I must say though, it was a bit of a challenge, but I'll definitely do it again. (apple apple apple! my favorite)

After flipping through filling recipes forever I finally decided on one that looked pretty standard but when I got to the store they were 100% out of canned pumpkin :( all they had was the pre made pumpkin pie filling which I wasn't thrilled about for my first attempt (the filling is the easiest part! haha) After asking an employee with no hope I came to terms with my soon to be mediocre pie and went to the check out. Within seconds of Keith swiping our card though, that same employee came running up to us with a case of canned pumpkin that he had recovered from the depths of storage! He was just as excited as I was haha and there began my pie making adventure!

The crust was of course the challenge. I had no trouble mixing it and rolling it out, but I definitely don't have a flare for making the edges all pretty. I went with the obvious principle that as long as it tasted good, no one would care about how it looked haha

I ended up using the classic Joy Of Cooking recipe for the filling and direction, and the crust recipe right off the Crisco can that my family swears by.

Keith of course couldn't wait until the pie had fully cooled before he dug in haha. He's the sweetest and always tells me that everything I bake tastes amazing, so he's not a true judge of how it really turned out (and the filling was still steaming hot when he ate it, so I'm pretty sure it may have burned his mouth haha). That is definitely an invitation to come over and try and piece!

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