Monday, October 4, 2010

Catching Up

I feel like this weekend I spent much more time away from our house than I did in it, which is an exciting feat for me, who spends most of my days on the couch and at the computer applying for jobs. Here is a little recap of what our weekend looked like:

Friday morning Keith and I awoke to find news that most of the area around us was flooded due to heavy rainfall and a very full river. Being curious, and not heeding the weather mans request to stay inside we headed out to check on the damage. It was pretty impressive to see so many things underwater (and made me a little sad for the poor car owners that no longer had functioning cars eek) but it made us very thankful that we live on a hill haha. Less than a mile from our house runs the Schyukill River, which overflowed its banks and left one apartment complex near us with a very full underground parking garage (this was a very poor design flaw and an almost deserved mistake in building, yikes).

This is Keith standing in front of the canal that runs through Manayunk. But, where those train track are and anything beyond... should not be water haha


After our adventuring I whipped up some cookies, and then ventured off to the mall with Dan and Aly.

While Dan was trying on some clothes Aly and I snuck away to look at wedding dresses at a fancy store to get some ideas for her upcoming wedding. They were all so fancy (and expensive) and even though she didn't try any on, it was still fun to look. Friday evening after shopping I went to "family dinner" with our friends from church and then Keith and I got to bed early so we were up an ready for a long day Saturday :)

Saturday I obviously spent the whole day working in Germantown, but afterwards I picked Keith up from work and we headed down to Northern Liberties to hang out with out friends Tim and Gillian. We hadn't seen them since before our wedding, so it was definitely time to get together and it made a great excuse for us to gorge ourselves on Sketch burgers mmmmm. We had some beers at their place before driving over to grab burgers, and stuffing ourselves to the brim we ended up back at their apartment for some hang out time with their kitties before we went home and crashed.

Please excuse my AWFUL face in this picture... but I just needed to share, again, the glory that is their 30 pound cat Henry. You really can't even imagine how large he is until you see him in real life haha

After this picture was taken, Henry did not want to be near me for the rest of the night... mostly because I'm sure he knew of was laughing at him a bit haha

Sunday morning Keith had to work, but we got up together and he dropped me off at church. It was our church's 2nd birthday so they held a huge BBQ and party afterwards at a farm out in the country somewhere. I rode with some friends and had a great time meeting new people and spending time with old friends. We packed up and left around 4pm, but that was not the end of my day by far. My friend Darlene wanted to watch the end of the Eagles game, so we went to a bar/restaurant on Main St and waited for Keith to arrive from work. The three of us enjoyed some beers and dinner until I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer haha When Keith and I got home (around 7:30pm) I immediately feel asleep in our bed, then woke up at 10 to hang out with Keith for a bit and then fell back to sleep at 11 until 9am this morning. Apparently my body needed some time to catch up from all of this weekend's activities haha Regardless, it was a great weekend... and we're looking forward to the next! Hopefully we'll we driving up to NYC to welcome Robert James to his new home with a party!

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