Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Fall Favorites

The rapidly yellowing tree across the street

Crunchy leaves on my walk to the library

Neighbors adorable decorations

Warm colors
Comfy socks

Our old house

My little buddy

A nice warm drink

A little list of things I love this October:

- Extra cuddles at bed time! I finally got Keith to take the AC out of the window because it's certainly been cold enough not to run it. Now we just have to have both windows and a fan for my lava husband to be comfortable haha this just means I get to cuddle extra close unless I want to freeze. (and I'm especially happy now that Theo will sleep with us all night long to keep warm :)

- The awesome butternut squash soup I made for dinner last night (and just had for lunch). I definitely want to bake some pumpkin muffins this weekend, any recipe recommendations?

- Warm apple cider. Mmmmmm.

- Chocolate filled care packages from my Aunt Liz. She always knows how to make me smile.

- The resurrection of my fuzzy socks with the little grippy things on the bottom haha

- Pumpkin carving soon! We found a place to actually go and PICK pumpkins. This is revolutionary for me, the Florida girl, who always went and bought a pumpkin from the tent set up in the parking lot in front of my high school (where you could also get trees at Christmas time, and fireworks near the 4th haha)

- Pretty pretty leaves. The tree in front of our house is the prettiest color yellow right now.

- The return of our favorite tv shows!! (parenthood, the office, 30 rock, community, svu, modern family, greys anatomy. geeez that makes it seem like we watch a lot of tv haha)

My not so favs?

- Boots. This is really love/hate, they're adorable and make any outfit look a million times cuter and they keep me warm.... but boots take forever to put on! and it means I have to put on socks, tuck in my pants, and plan way too far in advance before leaving my house. I would pick sandals over boots any day.

- Feeling cold everywhere I go. I have definitely come to terms with the fact that I will always be the incredible over dressed person where ever I go. I would rather look silly than be cold though, and that is a lesson I learned last winter haha

- This icky rain that is ruining all the pretty leaves and putting me in a similarly icky mood. Bring on the sun! and the 60 degree beautifulness!


  1. It's definitely the time of year for soup! I'm not sure I'd like butternut squash soup, but I did learn how to make Panera's cheddar broccoli soup and made it with much success this week. I'm probably going to share the recipe that I found on my blog tonight.

  2. fall is the best part of being in pennsylvania.


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