Monday, October 4, 2010

Revolutionary Germantown Festival

This is the beginning of my second year working in Germantown (just one of the many neighborhoods in Philadelphia). Last year at this time, Keith and I had JUST moved into our apartment, I had JUST started school and had JUST started a job. It is so cool to look back and see all the things that have changed in the past year. Keith thankfully works much closer to home, we have an awesome little monster of a cat, our home is a little more put together haha, we have a growing community of friends, we have a reliable car, I'm no longer in school, we're each a year older and we're married (almost forgot that one haha).

One thing, though, remains the same. The American army still loses the Battle of Germantown each and every year.

Nerd alert: I work at a historical society that reenacts the Revolutionary War battle that happened in Germantown on October 4th, 1777. Even though George Washington's army out numbered the Bristish 10 to 1, they still couldn't muster up a win. This is fine though, because we obviously won the war and those British soldiers were very crafty and barricaded themselves inside a stone walled house. Which still stands today, which I get to give tours at to 4th graders.

Here are some photos from this Saturday's battle festivities:

Go America!

The British entering the house

Even though Saturday was a pretty long day for me, I had a blast with fellow co-workers at the Battle and definitely think that more people should check this out next year!

I promise that I will tone down my history nerdy-ness from now on haha

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