Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zoo Time

After the wedding shower on Sunday Keith, mom and I drove back down south to Philadelphia so that Keith could get back to work on Monday morning. My mom's flight wasn't until late on Monday night so we had plenty of time to hang out together before trekking to the airport and since the museums are closed Mondays we hopped on the bus and went down to the zoo. Both of us loves zoo's a lot and are always looking to add another to the list of ones we've visited, so making a trip to America's first zoo seemed like a pretty decent choice. We ended up having a great day and saw a lot more that I think we expected. Most of the animals were out and about and I think the only thing that I didn't get to see up close was the red panda (he was napping in the corner of his little tree area... boo). Here are some photos from our adventure:

We loved these penguins, we seriously watched them forever haha their little waddle was adorable.

This polar bear was a lazy swimmer, and pretty much just floated past us, it was pretty funny looking haha

SLOTH BEARS!!!! Anyone who has been to the Metro Zoo in Miami with me know that my all time favorite thing is the sloth bear. He's just too funny! And the Philly zoo has TWO sloth bears :) smiles.

When we first walked up to the Cheetah exhibit there were no Cheetahs to be found... until one of the zoo keepers who was standing 30 ft away made his crazy Cheetah whistle call and they all ran out and sat up straight on that little hill. It was pretty impressive how trained they were to his call and we were just excited to see some big cats haha

Successful zoo adventure. I want to go back!

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