Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another sneak peek!

Here's the monster stack of books that Keith and I collected yesterday so that we can make centerpieces for our wedding! We (meaning me) were
a little nervous about finding 75 books for a decent price because most thrift stores charge a dollar or two each and they usually only have new looking paperbacks. We went to a store before Keith had to go to work yesterday and they had a goldmine of old hardcover books and Keith totally wheeled and dealed with them. HUGE weight lifted! (which is an ironic statement: they were not fun to lug up the stairs haha). I don't want to give away too many of the projects that I have up my sleeves but I think these centerpieces are going to look really cool. Also if worse comes to worse and our wedding is totally boring you can pick up one of these guys and read for a bit. Yesterday I also worked on making the placemats were going to use and worked on an idea for our table favors. It was nice to have a day of just focusing on wedding stuff, even though I had a minor breakdown about finding people to help me make some of this stuff.

Regardless, I'm super excited for my mom to get here tomorrow and to spend the whole weekend with my family! My brother and Amanda will be joining us at the wedding shower and afterwards my favorite aunt will be in Philly visiting for a couple days! Lots of good things going on. Although that does mean that I spent all day today cleaning, booo. I love visitors but I'm not a fan of cleaning for them haha if people never came to my house I would probably eventually be killed by the dust bunnies I would collect haha. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I look forward to sharing lots of pictures when I return!

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