Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visitors from the South

Like I mentioned, Keith, Theo and I had some visitors staying with us the past couple of days. After seeing Kathleen, Renee, Jack, Grammy and their puppy Maycee in Upstate NY last weekend, the summer vacationers travelled through Philadelphia so that we could show them around. We had such an awesome time, and I'm SOO glad that they all finally got to see where we live and why we love it so much. Tuesday we just relaxed in the neighborhood, but on Wednesday we got a chance to be tourists again and take in some local sites.

We took a horse carriage around the Independence Mall and through Society Hill... really really cool!

Lunch was at the Reading Termal Market... everything was so good!

Here is Jack running up the art museum steps doing his best Rocky impersonation. He actually made the trek up there twice he was so excited about it haha Keith queued up the Rocky theme music so that you get the ultimate effect haha (ps- I can't WAIT to get a Flip cam. My digital camera takes the worst videos. Note: constant blurriness ugh).

For dinner on Wednesday we went to one of our favorite local spots for all you can eat crab legs.

Renee definitely won the prize haha

So now Theo has officially met his first dog and it wasn't a total disaster! Tuesday he was very cautious around Maycee but by Wednesday night we could tell that he was finally warming up to her. I bet they would have played with each other if they had been together another day. That makes me feel just a little bit better about getting a dog down the road, I'm glad our little boy was so good.

I love visitors! Please more people come to Philly and hang out with me this summer!!

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