Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wedding Shower Weekend

This past weekend Keith and I were on a hiatus with my family in upstate NY. My mom comes from a family of 6 meaning family get togethers always involve lots of awesome people, awesome food and endless beers. Mom flew in to Philly on Thursday morning and we had a relaxing lunch together before hopping in the car with Keith and heading 3 hours north. My aunts Kathleen and Renee and my cousin Jack drove up from Florida for the occasion and we met up with my aunts Liz and Cindy, uncles Paul and Chris, my grandmother, cousins Colleen and Kelsey and even Jake and Amanda made the trip from NYC. It was SOOO great to have everyone in the same places for the first time in a long time. I gave up my diet for a few days because Liz makes the greatest cookies in the world and my uncle Paul always knows exactly what I want to eat for any meal. We had a very relaxing weekend, got to sit outside and look at the stars, enjoy camp fires and lots of old photographs and stories. I am the way I am because of these people and it fills my heart with so much joy to see how excited they all are to have Keith as part of our family :) Here are some photos from our weekend:

On the road, mom is hiding in the back behind my big head haha

My aunt Cindy has a miniature horse farm which is where we spent most of our time. Here is Jack.

Farms mean lots and lots of animals! Including baby barn cats :) Jack, Amanda and I spent lots of time hanging with these little guys.

This is one that Amanda fondly named Porter, she wanted to take him home pretty badly. He had a perfect mustache!

Keith kept the fire going all day long so that I would be nice a warm when the sun went down and it got chilly.

Rope swing.

Keith and Kathleen.

Aunt Cindy and my grandmother with their matching sweaters. It got super cold on Friday night.

Liz and Mom.

Colleen and Kelsey.

After running some errands on Saturday most of us gathered at a local bar to watch the USA/England soccer game. Amanda got some festive gear.

and Jake drank Budweiser in honor of our country.

I didn't get any good pictures from the actual shower so I'm waiting for my mom to share the ones from her camera. It was an awesome party thanks to Colleen's excellent planning. I got lots of cool gifts and we played some fun games. Thank you everyone for everything!

Here is a photo of all the Bennett children with my grandmother. From left to right: Cindy, Mom, Chris, Kathleen, Paul, Liz.

NOW! I'm sitting on my bed waiting impatiently for Kathleen, Renee, Jack and Grammy to arrive in Philadelphia and hang out with us for the next couple days. Expect photos soon :)

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