Monday, June 21, 2010

Gift card shopping

I just got home from my weekend in New York and still need to sort
through pictures before I post them and tell you about my trip. In the
mean time... with one wedding shower under our belts Keith and I had a
couple gift cards that we were itching to use, so we headed over to
Target tonight to pick out some cool stuff. I knew that I wanted to
get a sewing machine because it's going to be essential for some of
the decorations I'm making so I wanted Keith to pick something out
that he wanted as well. He settled on the knife set (which I'm pretty
excited about also!). We'll be going from having one sharp knife in
the kitchen to having a
15 PIECE SET! Definite upgrade haha. Didn't want Theo to feel left out
so he got a present tonight too... fresh cat litter, how exciting
haha. I feel like such a little kid, I can't wait to open up my sewing
machine and use it!!! Thank you all so kindly for the awesome wedding
gifts :-)


  1. I have to say, I definitely fought Andrew on the knife set...I just wasn't into the idea of having more clutter on the kitchen counter. In the end we compromised and ended up with a set of 4 and I love it. Haha.

  2. I can't really find a use for all 15 of the pieces in the knife set, and I think that 4 would really do the trick. The reason why I didn't put up a fight though is because Keith does 95% of the cooking and it was something he was excited about having haha I couldn't deny him that pleasure.


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