Monday, July 19, 2010


Today my first pet ever passed away. Poor old Lucy lived a very long
and full life, but it's still so sad to say goodbye and I'm glad that
I got to see her this one last time. It's strange to think that at 22
years of age I've never lost a pet, but Lucy hung in there for almost
18 years. I remember the day that my dad, Jake and I went to the pet
store and picked her out when I was only 5 years old. There were a
bunch of adorable kittens in the cage but my dad really wanted the
little black one hiding in the corner. I don't ever remember her being
aggressive with us; never biting or scratching very much, no matter
how many time we picked her up by her tail as young kids haha. I'm
sure most of my friends know her from her older years of just lounging
around the house waiting to be pet but in her younger years she was
quite the playful hunter, always on the lookout for lizards to snatch.
She's Unfortunately been showing her age a lot more these past few
months and just since I've been in town she's completely stopped
eating. My mom made the decision to have a vet come by the house
tonight to put her down since her whole life she was always so
traumatized about going to the vet. We didn't want the last few
moments of her life to be unpleasant.

Thank you Lucy for being the best first pet a kid could ask for, we'll
miss you for sure.

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