Friday, July 23, 2010

More phone updates

Looks like this week was a pretty heavy one for losses. First it was
Lucy and now our car. Keith and I drove to Philadelphia in my fathers
old Chevy Blazer and made it our own last summer. As I'm sure you've
read on our blog before, we've had one problem after another with it
and today as we were travelling to DC for the weekend it died on the
highway. We got it towed to a mechanic (where we're actually still
sitting) who eventually told us that it was dead with no more hope.
We've now cleaned everything out of it and said our goodbyes, because
we're never going to see it again. I can't decide how bummed or
relieved I should be. The car was a money pit towards it's final days
and it really needed to go, but at the same time the idea of being
completely without a car, with only 22 days until our wedding makes me
so nervous.... we're in no place to buy a car. If it's not one thing
it's another! We're living and learning and adding to our long list of
life stories haha at least we don't have to pay car insurance this
month? Please send some good thoughts our way this weekend :-)

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