Friday, July 30, 2010

A full recap

It's pretty pathetic that I have put off blogging for so long, because in all honesty, I'm not THAT busy. I'm just about a week away from leaving for Florida! How crazy is that??? My days are pretty planned from here on out with all the last minute things that need to get done, and thankfully they are all pretty small. To all of you that will be at my wedding: If I look like a giant ball of stress, it's probably because I am... please shake me and remind me that this is the happiest day of my life!

Anyway, as I'm sure most of you know by now, Keith and I have run into some bad luck recently in terms of transportation. Last Friday we headed down to DC to visit Andi and Katelyn and to drop off some things that needed to make it to Boca for the wedding in Kate's car. We have had car trouble since the day we left Florida for Philadelphia, but neither of us predicted that this trip would be the Blazers last hurrah.

Here she is getting towed

As I stated in my last post we had to say goodbye to the car forever as we left her behind at the mechanic in Baltimore.

Katelyn thankfully came and rescued us, we looked like a couple of hobos sitting in the waiting room on Tire Kingdom with EVERYTHING that was in our car in bags all around us. It's funny the things you find when you have to unexpectedly clean out your car haha

After we got back to Andi and Kate's apartment, we set out to correct our day by gorging ourselves on burgers at Good Stuff. The name really says it all.

We love our local burger spot Sketch, but we always look forward to a trip to DC so that we can eat here. They have rosemary fries, and awesome milk shakes too. Keith ate more than I've ever seen him eat before :) Needless to say, we left in much better moods. The rest of the weekend in DC we spent our time relaxing with friends and putting off the stress of figuring out our transportation situation.

When we returned to Philadelphia on Sunday evening we met up with our friends Tim and Gillian at our favorite burrito place because Tim offered to let us borrow his bike. We're very thankful that they came all the way to our place on the train just to drop it off to us. Of course it couldn't be quite as easy as that. Keith attempted to ride the bike to work on Monday morning, but got stuck walking the 5 miles to work because of a flat tire on the bike. Always something :)

Tuesday we had an adventure day/adapt to our new life with out a car day haha. We crossed off a bunch of things on our list like getting Keith's suit altered, getting the bike tire fixed, and grocery shopping. Here are some shots from our day:

We had some lunch at a new place, and finished off the day with a beer at our favorite bar. It was a really fun day :) Since Keith's failed maiden voyage on the bike he's had much more luck. We seem to be adapting well to life with no car and we've had lots of people reach out to help us as well. When we get back from the wedding and honeymoon we're going to readjust, and decide what to do about getting a new vehicle.

For now, we're easily crossing things off our wedding to do list, and getting ready for the greatest party ever. I cannot wait to get to Florida and see all our friends and famiy in one place :)

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