Sunday, July 4, 2010

41 days

To my favorite:

Thank you for loving me each and every day of the week. For kissing my goodnight before I go to sleep, and waking me up with a hug every morning. Thank you for working so hard everyday at a job you had never hoped to have, just to put food on our table and make my life so comfortable. Thank you for making me laugh, and for making me laugh so hard that I cry. Thank you for showing so much love to our pesky little kitten, you are going to be the most amazing father to our future children. Thank you for putting up with how stressed out I can get over the smallest of things, especially now that we're planning a wedding together. Thank you for listening to my complaints, dealing with my laziness and not getting upset with me when I let you down. Thank you for loving me even though I hate doing dishes or cleaning, and I'm no good at cooking. Thank you for being ok with my pickiness when it comes to food and graciously making chicken for dinner when I'm sure you would rather have steak. Thank you for being yourself, being outspoken, and being the life of the party even when I get embarrassed about being the center of attention. Thank you for always trying to surprise me even when I nearly ruin it by trying to figure out your plan. Thank you for taking care of our finances because you know that I'm no good at staying on top of bills. Thank you for loving and embracing my family, actively wanting to be a part even though we're all a little crazy at times. Thank you for encouraging me when I'm about to give up. Thank you for driving us everywhere now that I'm terrified to drive. and thank you thank you thank you for moving 1000 miles away from your home and family to live with me, and for asking me to be your wife, so that we can spend the rest of our lives adventuring together.

You are the greatest, and I love you more and more everyday :)

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