Sunday, September 19, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned?

... that I have a really awesome husband? The kind that really likes to surprise me with dates and special things that make me smile?

I'm going to be honest: being unemployed and constantly job searching is tough. Nerve wracking, insecure, I'm useless, unimportant and incompetent kind of tough. Let's just say that I had a couple breakdowns about it this week, ugh. Since I found my first job at 17 I've had a steady income and never seemed to have trouble finding a job; opportunities just sort of fell into my lap from there. Up until this point I've always felt accomplished and like I was good at what I did whether it was school or working towards a career. Now... I sit at home all day and hope to get an email or a call. It's maddening, and I've never felt more like a waste of space. Thankfully, I have Keith :) he is always there to talk me down from the ledge and remind me that I need to be patient and that the right job is going to find me when I'm ready. It's just going to take time to find the right fit. He also reminds me that being home to wait for the UPS man so that they don't send our packages back to where they came from is an important job too haha. I'll find something in time, and if not we'll try something else. Leaving school was the best decision that I've ever made, but I knew it was going to make life instantly easier. The point? I would be nothing without Keith's encouragement.

Thursday was a particularly rough day for me so when I woke up on Friday morning, Keith had left me a sweet note on the chalkboard wall saying that he wanted to make me my most favorite dinner and take me to a movie. Love it. We started the night with some happy hour drinks at one of our favorite local spots just to enjoy the great weather, and then went home for Wheel of Fortune and taco night!

After we ate we both put on our most comfy hoodies and headed to the theatre to see this movie:

and now I'm pretty sure that it is our new favorite movie. All that I knew about it was that it was going to be a movie about a couple dating long distance (which is what interested me because Keith and I dated long distance) but I had NOOOO idea that it was going to be so incredible funny. Keith and I both laughed from start to finish, there were so many classic one liners and little quirks. Anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship... I would definitely recommend this, they nail all of the frustrations about loving someone who lives so far away, especially someone who lives in a different time zone. Missing phone calls, or someone being busy when the other has time to call, the awkwardness of meeting each others family/friends for the first time and all the crappy airport goodbyes not knowing when you're going to see each other again. I would actually recommend this to anyone... it was great. Besides Drew Barrymore and Justin Long... other notable actors: Jason Sudakis, my SNL fav and Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny. Go see it. It made for such a great date night and a great way to distract myself from wallowing in self pity haha

Thank you to my awesome husband who knows all the best ways to bring me out of a funk. You're the best and I don't know what I would do without your smile :)

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