Friday, September 3, 2010

Disposable cameras

Here are a few shots that I just scanned from the disposable cameras we had at our reception tables. I'll also be posting all of them on facebook in a minute if you're itching to see more: link. There are still SOOO many of them that I want to share though!! I only had the patience to scan about 40 of them, but there are about 200 photos that you will have to come over to my house to look at haha. We are so in love with every photo that we've seen so far from the wedding, it's becoming very hard to put together albums because I just want them all haha

All I can think about when I see these pictures is: WE ALL HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Love it.


  1. we have yet to develop ours from the wedding weekend..bahah who's counting though?

  2. I don't even remember taking that picture with Erick and Catie. Haha.


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