Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out with the old! (horray horray horray!)

Today is a very excited day for me, and this is why: It feels like forever we've had these terrible Glad reusable containers... that always smell bad, pick up the color of any food you put in them and that I can't ever seem to have matching lids for. Yesterday thanks to Crate and Barrel's 10% off coupon, and a couple gift certificates I have achieved a small but very meaningful kitchen victory... NO MORE AWFUL PLASTIC CONTAINERS FOR LEFTOVERS! We now have these beautiful glass bowls with airtight lids that can double as serving bowls if we ever need to feed and army of people or bring something to a potluck dinner. I'm obsessed. Now I never need to be nervous about the harmful effects of microwaving our food in cheap plastic and the inevitable germs left behind when they never seemed to come clean. I'm pretty excited to share with you some of the other amazing goodies that we picked up at the store yesterday... but for now I'm going to revel in the awesomeness of these containers (and find a place to put them in our seriously lacking cabinet space ugh). It's the little things :) Today my mission is to clean up our house that I've been neglecting since our trip to Boston and fight with Pennsylvania some more about them insisting on printing the wrong name on my new drivers license. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm glad to see that you are so excited about this because the other day I was thinking about how great it would be to have glass "tupperware". I think I have to wait a while, but it's nice to see someone so excited about small achievements.


  2. We have only replaced some of our crappy tupperware with the glass stuff. And I smashed one in the sink yesterday. So I think it might be time to get on with buying more of it.


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