Monday, September 6, 2010

A random collection

Happy Labor Day! I'm currently hanging with Aly watching the Jersey Shore and playing with her puppy while our boys are away at the Phillies/Marlins game. Life is good today haha

Here is a photo from our most recent date night. Before we went out to dinner we sat on the stoop for a little bit and enjoyed some wine in the perfectly cool weather. We had SUCH a nice night, which was very necessary after the long and frustrating day that I had on Saturday.

These are from yesterday's ultimate cleaning day. Since it was SOOOO nice out Keith and I took a lunch break and got burritos and milkshakes downtown. Cleaning day seemed to take FOREVER, but everything is so organized and clean now and I feel like I can breathe again haha I don't ever want to have to clean that throughly again though... ugh.

And now introducing... DANTE! Dan and Aly's adorable new puppy. Since the girls weren't invited to baseball today we're hanging close to home and enjoying the day off together. When the guys get back our friends Tim and Gillian are coming over and we're going to BBQ a little bit. Aly and I took Dante with us this afternoon to get some lunch at a nice sidewalk cafe. We had some yummy sandwiches and enjoyed all the attention that Dante brought. He was so cute and laid so nicely under our table and came out to sniff other dogs and say hi to little kids. I wish that I could take Theo out with me to public places... he would love it haha

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