Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

Our ceremony was so beautiful. Yes, I know. It was about 95 degrees outside with the sun beating down on all of us and making us sweat, but it really came together so beautifully. All of the pennants that were strung along the aisle and from the rafters I sewed myself along with the alter that we stood in front of. Even though the decorations were very minimal it was exactly how I imagined it looking. Towards the end of planning, I started to stress out a little bit about not having enough decorations but then Keith reminded me that we picked out our wedding site because of how beautiful we thought that it was, and we didn't need to do anything to change that. We were married at the Spanish River Public Library in Boca Raton, Florida. As I'm sure that you can tell from the photos... this isn't your average library. It was built when I was still going to college and living at FAU, and I drove past it every time I went home to see my parents. It is such a beautiful place, right on a lake, with so much great outside space. If it could have been at all possible I would have had the reception outside as well... but I'm sure all of our guests would have left in protest (or had heat strokes haha). Here are some of my favorite shots from our ceremony. And yes, I cried like a baby when I was reading my personal vows to Keith... but in my defense, so did most of the guests that attended ;)

And here were our amazing program fans designed by the magnificent Lauren Moxey. This was another of my DIY wedding projects that she so thankfully helped me with. After a weeks worth of emails back and forth this was the amazingness that she produced, complete with caricatures of our bridal party and parents. I got them printed at kinkos on cardstock and cut and glued them together making a perfect wedding favor that was absolutely essential to staying cool.

(as a small side note to friends and family that may want copies of these photos: these that I posted are very low res versions of the actual files, if you do what to get prints made of anything PLEASE don't save these images here, contact me and I'll let you know how you can get the files from our photographer)

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