Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello September!

So we celebrated the first of September with a quick trip in the Nation's Capital. Our time in DC is always too short, but it's definitely worthwhile to spend time with good friends. Marty made the drive SOOO easily! Last night when we were coming home I hardly even noticed the trip. Keith and I never even turned on the music, and spent our whole drive just talking, and before we knew it we were 10 minutes from home. I'm pretty excited to take some longer road trips in the future. Cleveland? Boston? Florida? Lets do it!

Before we left on Tuesday I spent the afternoon at school with our friend Darlene. She is a 5th grade teacher, and I've been helping her to get her classroom ready for school to start next week. I've spent a couple days in her room helping to make bulletin boards, hang posters, and generally organize all of her things. I also painted a large lighthouse mural that we hung in the corner of her room that is dedicated to her reading library. It turned out MUCH better than I thought it would... I haven't painted anything in years haha but there are still a few things that I want to tweek the next time I go and visit her room. I was a little rushed getting out of there Tuesday afternoon since I needed to pick up Keith to get on the road.

Thankfully, Darlene was happy with the final product.

After I finished and hung my masterpiece, I got Keith and we hit the road to test out our new car and our new GPS. Since it was about 4:30 when we started driving and Philly/DC are known for terrible traffic we set the GPS to avoid toll roads in hopes of avoiding some of the major traffic on 95. We ended up making great time, tolls or not and the traffic wasn't an issue. Once we arrived in DC we put Andi, Kate and Kirby into our car and immediately drove to Good Stuff to feed our very hungry bellies. Yum yum yum, we're obsessed with their burgers, rosemary fries, chipotle mayo, and amazing milkshakes.

I stole a taste or two of Kate's shake.

Andi loves fries.

This was Kirby's first taste of Good Stuff, but this definitely looks like the face of a happy customer.

Thank you husband for being weird in pictures, always haha

After eating way too much to be comfortable we went back to their house and hung on the couch looking at the disposable camera photos from our wedding reception that I brought to share. (Hopefully I'll have the motivation to scan some of those soon, there are some definite gems haha). Wednesday we woke up pretty early and Keith and Andi made Anna Kate and I a fabulous breakfast. French toast, bacon, cheesy eggs, sausage, OJ and coffee... so good. We lounged around for most of the day watching America's Next Top Model, and then Anchor Man. Our original lunch plan had to be changed due to the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel building (grumble grumble... all we wanted was Chick-fil-a!) so after much deliberation we ended up at Chipotle, which definitely hit the spot.

Walking to the restaurant from the car.

After lunch we went back to the house and Keith and I packed the car up to head home. Before we left we took this awesome "family photo" though.

And then they tried to chase after our car as we drove away haha

I'm so excited for all that September has to offer for us. There is a lot of uncertainty in our life right now, but for once I'm not stressed or anxious about any of it. I cannot wait to see where this month will lead us, and we're enjoying everything that comes our way.


  1. Your lighthouse painting is so cute! It reminds me of one of the lighthouses up here by the lake.
    We can't wait to have you guys visit us in Cleveland!


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