Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boston Adventure!

On Tuesday or Wednesday evening Keith approached me wondering if I wanted to take a weekend trip to Boston since he had Saturday and Sunday off. At first I thought... that's crazy! We can't take a trip so last minute! But the more that I thought about it, we really had no reason not to. I messaged a family friend that lives there to see if she was ok with us crashing and once we got things lined up it was a no-brainer... Boston here we come! Of course, I should mention, the main reason for this trip was because Keith and our friend Dan really wanted to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. As baseball fans I guess there's nothing better than visiting historic ball parks, and Aly and I were happy to indulge them. So we woke up before the sun and got on the road Saturday morning. Boston is about 5 and a half hours from Philly, with way way way too many tolls haha we made pretty great time though and managed to avoid traffic thankfully. We got to town around noon, just in time for some lunch with our hosts. My mother went to college at Cornell and met an amazing group of friends who has done such an impressive job of keeping in touch throughout all these years. Her great friend Ruth (who was the maid of honor at their wedding, my middle name-sake and shares the same birthday with me) gladly hosted us even though we contacted her so last minute. She works for the National Park Service in Boston and actually lives in the Historic Boston Navy Yard right on the harbor. It is SUCH a cool place to visit because you can see the USS Constitution from her doorstep, and since there is only a row of five houses you feel like a VIP among all the tourists walking by. Ruth and her husband T took us out on their boat for some lunch and a ride around the harbor, and with the AMAZING weather they were having, it was a perfect way to spend our time.

After getting some time to hang with Ruth, T and their daughter Anneli, we headed out on the Freedom Trail to check out as many Boston sites as our feet would let us before getting the subway down the the baseball game.

And then on our way to the game we stopped for some bar food and Sam Adams beer. Mmmm.

Baseball! Our seats at Fenway were definitely fine for buying them as last minute as we did... but 98 years ago they did not build stadiums so that every seat in the house was a good one haha We were lower level, but under the very large overhang with lots of poles in between us and the pitcher, so it was tough to see at times. Still, the boys enjoyed themselves throughly, and Keith bought me cotton candy, so I was happy too haha.

After the 7th inning the boys wanted to go a adventure through the stadium, and we ended up finding ourselves some much better seats. Even though we cheered our hearts out for the Sox, they didn't win... regardless, it was a pretty fun experience and I'm glad that we got the chance to be there. (Now I just want to watch Fever Pitch really badly haha)

Our ride home after the game was a little bit crazy. There were SOOOO many people trying to get back on the subway to get home, which was expected, but also preposterous how many people they allowed to pack themselves in each car. Lets just say... we all got pretty close haha

Even though it was one of the longer days I've ever had, we had SUCH a great time. Everything worked out perfectly and I think it was a great way to introduce Keith to the city of Boston. Of course now he's in love (mostly because of the beer haha) but I'm sure we'll be back again soon! This morning we woke up to coffee and bagels thanks to Ruth, and after some conversation we hit the road back to Philly. Getting home was not QUITE as smooth as getting there, but through all the traffic and tolls we finally made it to our doorstep, and Theo welcomed us with lots and lots of purrs.

We are SOO thankful to Ruth and T for hanging out with us this weekend and also to everyone who gave us wedding gifts so that we could buy our awesome car :) We love being able to take last minute road trips and really look forward to taking so many more!

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