Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Update

(yes I know that it's Tuesday... but Keith had yesterday off and I didn't feel like returning to the computer yet)

Here are a few things that went on this weekend (and Monday too!):

- Friday night Keith worked until 10 so I had "family dinner" with some friends from our church and learned how to play poker (and got an awesome recipe for spinach balls).
- Saturday I spent the day with some friends from church out in Amish town to see my friend Darlene's sister perform in a show. She was an awesome dancer, and afterwards we had dinner at an extremely yummy local restaurant.

- Sunday we picked up some items that we had ordered from Crate and Barrel which proved to be harder than planned and resulted in a much much needed afternoon nap haha
- Later on Sunday we headed over to Dan and Aly's for some BBQ/football watching hang out time. (The Titans won so my husband was in a great mood haha)
- Monday we got our beautiful guest book from Janelle! It was so fun to read all your awesome comments and see the pictures you drew for us haha. Janelle did such a great job binding all the small books together into one. I loveeeeee it!

- Monday I also found out that I didn't get the job I had been waiting for. Bummer. BUT! I still have my tour guiding job, and I've scheduled myself a pretty full October. Job search continues!
- Monday evening we finished up some laundry and grocery shopping, and since I was pretty bummed about the job situation Keith treated me to some Pei Wei for dinner and I got a fortune saying that I will be offered an incredible opportunity in the coming days. Fingers crossed!

Also: check out my fancy new license!

September has been a pretty crazy month. I'm not to upset to say goodbye, with hopes that October will bring with it a new job or at least some clarity about where Keith and I are headed next. I'm definitely looking forward to some more great Fall weather before Winter settles in!

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