Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I wish...

...that job applications and cover letters would write themselves.

...that cookies would bake themselves so that I could eat eat eat eat eat them!

...that our new diet didn't make me want to eat cookies 24/7 haha.

...that we could go on another honeymoon asap.

...that fall weather was here to stay, but that winter would stay away.

...that we had visitors!! Our house is so clean and nice right now that I need someone to show it off to that isn't Keith or Theo. Hint hint. COME VISIT US!!!

...that my interview tomorrow would go really well and so that I could stop feeling like a bum at home all day waiting!

Wish me luck! Hopefully tomorrow things will go well and then I can celebrate by sharing some of our wedding photos! That's right, we have wedding photos and we're so excited to share them with everyone. Especially all the ones from the reception... that was quite a dance party haha


  1. I wish...you didn't just make me crave warm delicious chocolate chip cookies at 9am.

    Good luck with the job!

  2. Amanda and I will visit in November to see some music. Peter has this idea that he wants to dress up as Green Man and spend Halloween in Philly. I don't know, either.


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