Monday, September 13, 2010

The day I've been waiting for!

Thank you to the state of Florida for FINALLY validating our marriage and sending me this awesome piece of paper to prove it!! Now I feel like I can get on with my life, and not be unsure about what name I need to use any time I write it down. Tomorrow I'll be headed to the social security office and then to the DMV to get all this name change garbage taken care of and then I will finally and officially be, Mrs. Dana Richards. I should probably start practicing my new signature so it doesn't look terrible on my license forever haha. Now I just need to call Keith's benefits department so I can get some health insurance and we will be completely settled into our new married life :) Thank goodness!


  1. You are motivating me to finally get my name changed. However, we never got an official marriage document in the mail so that's just one more step I have to add onto the list.

  2. I wish that I could give you some positive encouragement, but getting my name changed has truly been a frustrating and tireless process ughhhh. I just got my new drivers license and instead of printing my name "Dana Beal Richards" with my maiden name as my middle name (just like I had filled out on the form AND explained to the lady at the desk !!!) it of course reads "Dana Ruth Richards" and now I have to pay to send it back and get a new one. Ready to quit haha GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT IT'S SO WORTH IT! WOO!


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