Thursday, September 9, 2010


To be completely honest: I'm not having the best day. I woke up excited that I could FINALLY share all our wedding photos with the internet just to find that our external hard drive had bit the dust along with every photo I've taken for the past 6 years. I know, I know. I'm being dramatic and Keith is going to take it to a data recovery place to try and recover everything, but still it is SUCH a bummer to feel like you've lost so many incredible memories. I definitely have not ever had any luck with external hard drives in my life and would LOVE to swear off using them forever (please please please can I have a brand new imac with lots and lots of space?!??!) Last summer I had the wonderful pleasure of losing my entire music library ugh. Anyway, in order to cope with my recent loss and our current cold and gloomy weather I decided that it was about time to put the down comforter in our pretty duvet cover. My poor husband unfortunately loves and nice firm bed, and thankfully puts up with my unnecessary need to feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud with our down mattress pad, and abundance of feathery pillows. I don't think he's going to be able to fight the comforter though, its just so soft and fluffy! Theo is already in love, he's burrowed himself underneath like a little bed bug and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to come out.

Thankfully our wedding photos are no where near being lost, our photographer Chris sent us all the files so if need be I can download them all again. I thankfully had them uploaded on a site already with the intentions of getting them printed this week, so I can share them with you today. When we get the hard drive situation sorted out I'll put them up on facebook as well.

To my husband: Thank you so much for loving me the way you do. Thank you for not freaking out when I texted you while you were at work telling you to call me immediately. Thank you for putting up with me crying on the phone to you about a bunch of lost pictures and files and thank you for calmly telling me you would take care of it and I that I don't need to worry. You're the best and I love you more than anything.

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  1. when I lost all my pictures a while back, I cried for a long long time. Don't feel guilty for it. It's terrible to lose them. I wish you all the luck I can give in retrieving the data... I'm crossing my fingers for you!


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