Saturday, November 13, 2010

Florida Surprise

So obviously everyone knows by now that we went to Florida for a surprise visit last week. It was such a great vacation, and a little rest time before the craziness of our move began. It felt so great to be able to surprise our family and friends who were very appreciative of our visit.

So we arrived on Thursday afternoon, later than anticipated, and Janelle picked us up at the airport. The first person we planned on surprising was my aunt Kathleen so we headed to her house speedily and found ourselves some beers so we could hang out on her patio and wait for her to come home. We had her dog out back with us, so when she came in the house she was really weirded out the the dog hadn't greeted her. She finally saw Maycee sitting out back and got mad at my cousin Jack because she assumed he had left her out all day long haha but when she walked to open up the door she saw us sitting there waiting for her :) Her reaction was priceless and it was the beginning of an awesome night. After we got all our hellos and ohmygosh's out of the way we headed down to my parents house to surprise my mother. We had thought she would have been home by then, but when we pulled in the driveway she pulled in just after us so Kathleen yelled for us to get our heads down so mom wouldn't see. Kathleen went out and distracted her and then we casually got out of the car. Again, SO surprised and so excited. I'm really starting to enjoy surprising people haha. We all headed over to my dads restaurant to continue the surprise train and when he saw us come in he hardly had any words besides "what are you doing here?" with a terribly confused face. We enjoyed a great dinner together and laughed about the craziness of us just randomly showing up.

Friday Keith and I met Kathleen for lunch at Moes (our favorite) and then we went to Rocco's Tacos (our other favorite) that night to celebrate Kathleen's upcoming birthday (mmmm margaritas). Saturday we went to Jack's basketball game and then had wings and beers at Bru's Room for lunch. Sooooo good! I hardly ever eat chicken wings, and it's because I really only like wings from Bru's Room haha

Sunday while everyone was watching football, I headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to see Janelle's new apartment and to have some lunch with her. It was really really good :)

On Saturday and Sunday nights we were able to catch up with the few friends that we have remaining in Florida and got a chance to go to our favorite local pub. I love our Florida friends. Such genuine people, it doesn't happen very often that you can find a group of such awesome people.

As you can probably tell, I didn't take too many pictures while we were in town haha. I was a lot more focused on just relaxing and being intentional about spending quality time with family and friends. To finish up our trip, Monday Keith and I went on an eating marathon haha. We had a delicious breakfast with friends Erick and Catie, had lunch at my dad's restaurant, and then went to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant with my parents. We felt like such piggies when we went to sleep that night haha. Unfortunately we had to wake up at 4:30 Tuesday morning to get back to Philly.... but that's another story haha Good times, great people... I love Florida :)

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