Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Time

I was never one to get VERY excited about the holidays right after Thanksgiving. Where I'm from, it's 80+ degrees through most of December and January so it never really felt like "the holidays". Now that we've lived through the epic Philly winter of 2009/2010 I think I have a very special place in my heart for the magic of Christmas and I'm very excited for our first Nashville Christmas together. We were just in Georgia for Thanksgiving and driving through Keith's moms neighborhood we saw SOOO many houses with lights up already and it made me want to start decorating our place asap haha. That is a little ambitious since we're hopefully going to be moving this week, so for now I will listen to all my favorite Christmas songs guilt free!

I love this song all year long, but I guess it's more appropriate now that it's semi close to Christmas haha. 

My other holiday favorites:

-Watching Love Actually a million times
-Bundling up in my robe and fuzzy socks
-Having an excuse to drink hot chocolate all the time
-Watching Theo try and tear down all our decoration
-Taking a ridiculous family photo for our Christmas cards!
-Spending time with friends and family

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