Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

I am thankful for Alton Brown in the parade haha


This year I am thankful for so many things. It's been such a crazy year, and if you had told me last November that THIS is what my life would look like today, I wouldn't have believed one bit of it.

I am thankful that Keith Alan Richards asked me to be his wife, and that he will forever be my best friend and my biggest encouragement.

I am thankful that I have an amazing family that supports me through everything and anything.

I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.

I am thankful that I have a job that makes me truly happy each and every day.

I am thankful that Keith and I are so well taken care of, and even when money seems tight, that we've never had to go without.

I am thankful for my friends, who are way cooler than any of your friends and that is a fact.



I am thankful for my beyond beautiful wife whose very presence challenges me to be a better man and husband as each day passes.

I am thankful for the opportunity to move back to the south where we are surrounded by an incredible community of friends that challenge us. It also puts us a lot closer to our family.

I'm thankful for all the love and support we have continually received from our friends and family as we have embarked on the next step of our journey.

I am thankful for Theo who has taught me to love cats.

I am thankful for the opportunity of adventure.

(Just for Steve):

I am also thankful for ThankSteve: St. Steven Lord of Burley Count of Thanksgiving for single handedly saved Thanksgiving.

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