Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phillies Fun

I've been a little blog absent the past couple of days because between a few hours of work and days off with Keith I have been putting all my free time into making our wedding invitations. I showed you guys a sneak peak on Saturday but the real deal will be in the mailbox tomorrow morning and on their way to your homes this week! I'm very proud of myself for getting them all finished in just a couple of days, especially because I know if I had dragged it out much longer I would have started to resent the things. I'm very happy with the results and just hope that I didn't make too many mistakes with the addressing (there are WAY too many rules ugh) Hope that you all like them! There is no turning back! I just want to thank the amazing Cheryl for designing the stamps for me, and giving me the design idea for the RSVP cards... she really is the best. I also want to thank my wonderful fiance for being such a great envelope licker (my least favorite part bleckkkk)

In other news Keith and I drove out to our friends Aly and Dan's house last Friday night for some BBQ and beers on ice. I LOVE going to their house because Dan and Aly are kitten foster parents and always have the cutest little baby cats running around. I usually want to steal them all :) I always forget to take pictures when we're over there, but we had a really relaxing fun night. I'm glad that it is summer and I look forward to more evenings on their back porch grilling up yummy dinners.

While we were over there Dan invited Keith to join them Saturday night at the Phillies game. Keith of course was overjoyed at the offered and tried every possible way to get out of work but it just wasn't going to work out :( I had no plans so I stepped up as 5th alternate and accompanied Dan and Aly to the game. I'm definitely not the most enthusiastic baseball fan in my family but I love excuses to yell and scream in public haha We definitely had a great time even though the Phillies played pretty terribly. I can now add Citizens Bank Park to the list of baseball fields I've been to in my day. Thank you Dan and Aly!!

Here is Dan and Aly out front of the park. Even though the weatherman said it would rain, it turned out to be a pretty incredible night.

Here is the Liberty Bell that rings whenever the Phillies get a run... unfortunately they did not make that happen on Saturday night, so I'll have to save that for my next Phils experience. There was a really cool view of the Philadelphia skyline though haha

Aly must have been excited to check out the bullpen

Yay for sunshine!

Lastly, here is the Phanatic dressed up as Lady Gaga.

Good times!

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