Sunday, May 16, 2010

Father daughter dance

Dad and I talked on the phone this afternoon and decided on the song for our father daughter dance at the wedding. It was pretty much a given, but I just wanted to confirm with him. Listening to it just now definitely made me tear up a bit. Get the waterproof mascara and eyeliner ready because our wedding is going to be full of happy tears :)


  1. ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! papa bealllll!!!!!

    I wish wish wish wish I could be there.
    I get so retarded during father daughter dances! emotions flow.

  2. Oh for heavens sake, you know a common housefly looking at me crosseyed makes me cry these days!! How did you know I almost called Keith last night to ask him about OUR dance? You are moving right along missy!!

    (Seriously - I can't watch this right yet - I WILL...but have to toughen myself up for it! LOL!)


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