Sunday, October 14, 2012


At the end of September, Keith got a chance to go to Atlanta to see Chipper Jones' last home game as an Atlanta Brave with his family and even my favorite aunt, Kathleen. I had made other plans for the weekend before I knew Kathleen would be joining them, so I wasn't able to make it to hang out, but I'll live vicariously through their great photos.

LOVE this shot of Kathleen and Keith

and this one of him and his mom

Keith, his mom and brother at the Duluth Fall Festival
While Keith was away for the night, Theo and managed, but it was pretty evident that we missed him a lot:
Theo ousted most of the shirts in Keith's drawer just so he could take a nap in there

but we did get to say goodnight to him

One of the greatest parts of the whole weekend though was that one of our favorites ANNA came to visit! We hadn't seen her since Bonnaroo so it was such a nice treat when she called and said that she would be coming to town for work and wanted to hang out with us. I'm just bummed that I didn't take more pictures while she was here! Regardless, we love her and wish that we got to see her more often! While she was here we drank lots of Yazoo beer and ate at some of our most favorites: FidoThe Pharmacy, and Hattie B's

Isn't she just the prettiest?!

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