Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bike Adventures

There is just something about the weekends when the weather is nice that makes me want to get outside and do ANYTHING. Some days are easier than others to muster up the energy to leave the couch, but thankfully Keith is on board for my weekend adventures. Yesterday we caught up on some shows, and then we on a really great bike ride at our favorite park. We had already planned on going to the mall after our ride, but as we got further down the trail we remembered that if you go up and over the bridge you could get to that part of town... or so we thought. I must have forgotten the part where the map said "proposed" trail to Opry Mills. So after we biked a mile or two out of the way and up a hill, we were a little bummed to find out that there was no safe way for us to get the the mall, oops haha. Anyway, it was fun, we got a little extra exercise and when we were all done we still got to make a trip to the mall... just in our car haha.

This is his, "wait I just rode up that hill for nothing" face

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